Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

  • 4 Things To Know About Giving Your Yard A Lawn Fertilizer Treatment

    If you want healthy grass, you need to do more than just mow it. If you have a lawn care service, you may want to ask them to treat your lawn with fertilizer at the appropriate times of the year if they offer the service. If they don't, you can fertilize your lawn yourself since it isn't too difficult. It could make a difference in the way your grass looks over the summer.

  • 5 Landscape Elements To Design A Great Outdoor Employee Break Area

    An outside lounge area can improve employee morale and even boost productivity. After all, nature has a positive effect on most people, helping them to relax and recharge. But what should your outdoor employee break area contain? Along with the required elements for eating meals, here are a few landscape elements to consider.  1. Shade No one will want to use a break area that's hot in the summer or rainy in the spring and fall.

  • 5 Ways To Listen To What Your Yard Is Telling You

    Are you listening to what your yard is telling you? While it can neither speak its wishes nor write you a note, it can tell you many things that it wants you to hear. Here are a few ways you can listen to your landscape when planning your designs.  1. Do a Soil Test. Soil tests are fairly simple to perform and yield behind-the-scenes information about the makeup of your soil.

  • Professional Snow Removal: A Must-Have For All Businesses

    If your business is located in an area that sees snowfall during the winter months, you need to have a plan in place to deal with the snow that accumulates on your commercial property. The easiest way to prevent snow from interfering with your day-to-day business activities is to hire a professional that specializes in commercial snow removal. These professionals will be able to provide your business with a number of benefits that will help you thrive during the snowiest months of the year.

  • Hire a Landscaping Service to Make Your Landscaping Look Beautiful

    If you are planning to work on your landscaping and do not have experience, consider hiring a landscaping service. They have the experience and knowledge to help you in many ways to make your landscaping look beautiful. Keep reading to learn more about this.  Add Color and Greenery The landscaping service may start with planting a variety of flowers and plants on your property. Planting flowers and greenery in the same area can make things look much more interesting.

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    Exploring Landscape Setups

    Hello, I am Manny Juanez. When I moved into my home, I instantly started to plan out my landscape features. I knew that I wanted a small waterfall leading to a pond for my fish. I also wanted to create a few raised beds around the sitting area by the pond. What I didn't know, however, was that the project would take a lot of manpower and a bit of professional help. My site will explore the process from grading the land to setting up the electrical components. I will also talk about building the garden beds with pavers and other found materials. The information I provide should help you create a beautiful layout in your back or front yards. Come back to my site whenever you need some inspiration.