Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

3 Reasons To Avoid DIY Sprinkler System Installation

by Tanya Green

Depending on the size of your lawn and your specific needs, installing a sprinkler system may not seem particularly complicated. Most residential sprinkler systems consist of a handful of components that, at first glance, look relatively easy to fit together. However, lawn irrigation is deceptively complex, and working with a professional installer is often the best way to get the most out of your new system.

Even if you consider yourself a pretty handy do-it-yourselfer, you should seriously consider these three reasons why a professional sprinkler system is usually the way to go.

1. Proper Sizing

Just like an HVAC system, your sprinkler system requires proper sizing. If you've spent much time researching lawn care, you probably already know that too much water can be just as dangerous for your grass as too little water. It's necessary to size your irrigation system for your lawn's specific needs to avoid both of these problems.

While you can use some simple online calculators to get a rough estimate, there's no substitute for professional knowledge and experience. An expert installer can perform detailed measurements and accurately size your new sprinkler system, ensuring that it helps to promote the healthiest lawn possible.

2. Correct Equipment Choices

Sprinkler systems are more than a few sprinkler heads and some PVC pipe. A reliable and complete installation requires careful equipment selection, which means choosing the right components and options from reputable manufacturers. If you aren't familiar with sprinkler equipment, it's easy to misjudge your needs or select components that may not be reliable over the long run.

A professional installation guarantees that your sprinkler system will include only reliable, high-quality equipment. More importantly, a skilled installer will avoid common installation errors, ensuring that your sprinkler system doesn't suffer from premature failures due to poor planning or incorrect installation procedures.

3. Warranty and Ongoing Support

Installing a sprinkler system isn't always easy, but troubleshooting a faulty sprinkler system can be even more challenging. While a professionally installed system is much less likely to suffer failures, it's still possible for manufacturer defects or other problems to lead to faults in the future. Most installers will warranty their work and, more importantly, offer ongoing support for any problems you face.

Although it's never fun to think about future problems for a brand-new system, it's important to consider these possibilities. Faults several years in the future can lead to frustration and even damage your lawn, so having a professional familiar with your system is a great way to ensure quick support and long-term reliability.

Reach out to a sprinkler installation service to learn more.


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