Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

4 Things To Know About Giving Your Yard A Lawn Fertilizer Treatment

by Tanya Green

If you want healthy grass, you need to do more than just mow it. If you have a lawn care service, you may want to ask them to treat your lawn with fertilizer at the appropriate times of the year if they offer the service. If they don't, you can fertilize your lawn yourself since it isn't too difficult. It could make a difference in the way your grass looks over the summer. Here are important things to know about lawn fertilizer treatments.

1. You Can Kill Your Lawn With Too Much Fertilizer

If you apply fertilizer yourself, be sure to follow the application instructions that are on the package. Too much fertilizer is worse than too little since fertilizer can kill your grass if you put on too much. This causes a condition known as fertilizer burn because excessive nitrogen is added to the grass.

2. You Should Mow And Rake First

It's a good idea to mow your grass and then rake away the clippings before you apply a lawn fertilizer treatment. This allows the fertilizer to reach down into the soil. After that, you can apply the fertilizer according to the label instructions. However, it's usually good to avoid applying it when the sun is shining on the yard. Avoid full sun if possible and put fertilizer down in the early morning or evening.

You'll also need to consult the instructions on when to water your lawn when fertilizing. Some fertilizers need to be watered to activate them while others need to be put down on soil that's already been watered thoroughly.

3. Fall And Spring Are Good Times To Add Fertilizer

Spring is a good time to think about fertilizing your lawn since your grass is just starting to grow in and fertilizer during this stage makes your grass healthy. However, fall is also an important time since that's when grass roots burrow into the ground for the winter.

Read the labels on fertilizer to make sure you buy spring or fall fertilizers for the appropriate season. The ratio of nutrients differs since grass that's just getting started for the season needs different nutrients than grass that's burrowing in for the winter.

4. You Can Buy Fertilizer With Herbicide

If you want to prevent the growth of weeds in your lawn too, look for a fertilizer that has herbicide added. This type of product feeds your grass while killing weeds. You can provide two lawn treatments at once. Whether you buy a combination product or fertilizer alone, it's a good idea to apply it with a spreader.

You can buy a handheld spreader or one you walk behind. These broadcast the fertilizer over your lawn in an even fashion that's difficult to achieve by just tossing it around with your hands or a cup. You might choose liquid fertilizer instead, and it can be sprayed on your lawn by hooking the container up to your garden hose.


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