Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Tree Trimming and Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy

by Tanya Green

Vegetation and trees growing in your yard are your responsibility to keep up in order to protect your property, others, and the health of the trees themselves. Keeping your trees healthy is a process that requires regular care and maintenance each year, including watering, trimming, and health protection. The following provides you with some tips to help you through the process of trimming and pruning your yard trees safely.

Know What to Cut

When you have a tree growing in your yard, you need to know what areas of the tree may or may not need trimming to keep the tree in the best health. A tree that has any dead branches throughout the canopy of the tree will need them removed. You can use tree loppers or snippers to remove the dead branches. For larger branches, an electric saw or a bow saw make great tools to easily remove the dead wood. 

You should also trim off branches that are growing too thick within the tree, such as branches that rub against one another. Rubbing branches can cause leaking of one or both of the branches and lead to tree damage or damage to your home. If there are branches that are hanging down onto a sidewalk, driveway, or road, make sure to trim them back. Often your local city regulations require you to do so but check to make sure so that you can stay within city regulations.

Cut at the Right Time

The time of year that you trim growth off your tree is also an important detail to know about. Most trees do well when you trim them during the winter months. The reason for this is that the tree is dormant and has not produced any buds or new growth that you would be cutting off. 

Also during the winter, your trees will be less susceptible to getting diseases or becoming infested with insects after the cuts are made since they are not a problem during the winter. And in the winter, your tree's shape and its branches will be more visible without its leaves, so you can more accurately trim off the areas of its branches that you need to. 

Arrange For a Professional Service

Just as you can handle most of the tree trimming yourself, just be sure you know when to arrange for professional tree trimming. Whenever you are dealing with a large tree with branches high up that need to be removed or the entire tree needs removal, a professional tree trimming service will be able to complete the job for you safely and without putting yourself at risk of a fall or injury.


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