Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

5 Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Drains

by Tanya Green

A high water table in the ground surrounding your foundation can lead to major damage. An exterior drainage system, such as french drains installed around the foundation perimeter, can prevent water damage. Know the signs that additional drainage is necessary so you can act before major repair problems develop.

1. Foundation Cracks

Cracks in the foundation can be the result of hydrostatic water pressure. This is when water in the soil presses against the foundation, causing damage to occur. The pressure can be constant, such as from a high water table, or intermittent due to higher water loads from rain or irrigation.  Routing water away from the foundation can solve the issue and prevent the cracks from becoming worse. 

2. Water Stains

Water that makes its way through the foundation can affect basement walls and ceilings. You may notice dark water spots or greenish-black mildew stains in these locations. For slab foundation, the excess moisture that leaches through the foundation can lead to water damage on baseboards or flooring. Drainage is needed to route water so it doesn't leak through the foundation.

3. Downspout Flooding

In areas with constant rain or heavy torrential downpours, overflowing downspouts can lead to water pooling around the foundation. With nowhere else to go, this water can collect to the point where it causes damage to the foundation or leaks around the house. You can have a drainage system installed that the downspouts hook into. The water that runs off through the gutters is then routed far away from the home.

4. Standing Water

Wet areas in the yard, particularly those within a few feet of the foundation, can be the result of many things. Sometimes it is due to over-irrigation or heavy rain, or perhaps the water table is high in your area. In some cases, the culprit is poor grading that had led to low areas right against the foundation. A drainage service will assess the cause and come up with a solution. It may be as simple as re-grading for better runoff, or you may need to have a drainage system installed.

5. Sinking Foundation

One of the most severe issues is when water collects beneath the foundation and creates a void. As the water moves out of the soil, the foundation can sink into the reservoir that was formed. Sticking doors and windows, along with wall cracks, are all symptoms of a sinking foundation. Once the foundation repairs are made, a drain system must be installed so the problem doesn't occur again.

Contact drainage services if you suspect your need a drainage system for your foundation.


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