Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Ways That a Residential Masonry Contractor Can Help Your Basement and Garden

by Tanya Green

Basement and garden renovation or two areas that many homeowners focus on. You may want to create a finished basement that leads out into a beautiful garden area. These two aspects of your property upgrade can be enhanced by a residential masonry contractor. Here are some of the ways they can help and options you may not be considering. 

Resurfacing Walls

Many unfinished basements need to have the walls resurfaced. The walls are either exposed trusses and framework, or they are unfinished concrete blocks. If you want the area to become a finished and livable basement, you will need the contractor to resurface the existing brickwork. This may mean filling in spaces or it may mean creating finished walls. When your contractor views the space they will tell you what steps should be made in order for the walls to be stable, insulated, and ready for the rest of the renovation. 

Building Rooms

Depending on the ideas you have for the basement, you may want separate rooms built. For example, you may be finishing the basement to be an apartment-style living area. This means you will likely want the area to have a bathroom space with a shower and even a kitchenette. If you want the area to be a TV room and playroom, you may decide to have a small area built for your washer and dryer so it is not seen or a bathroom built in so you do not have to go back up the stairs. Your contractor can build the areas to your specifications and ensure they are stable and blend well with the existing walls. 

Retaining Garden Walls

You may be wondering how your garden connects to your basement renovation. Put simply, if you have a garden around the foundation area of your home, then you need a residential masonry contractor. The reason is due to possible exterior damage to your foundation which would eventually damage your basement as well. In order to cut down on water damage and other related issues that can directly affect your basement, retaining garden walls should be placed. Your contractor can do this to your specifications. 

If you like any of these ideas or want to discuss plans of your own for the area, contact a local residential masonry contractor. They can schedule a time for an evaluation. During the evaluation, they will determine which upgrades may help you reach your goals. They can also give you a price estimate and discuss when you want to begin work. 


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