Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

What Kind Of Cover Does An Outdoor Pizza Oven Need?

by Tanya Green

Investing in a pizza oven is often the crowning jewel in a backyard renovation to truly make the outdoor space worthy of enjoying. Wood-fired pizza ovens in particular make a great centerpiece for the backyard, especially if you make them part of a patio or outdoor kitchen space. Yet after you invest in a high-end pizza oven that creates restaurant-quality pies right in the comfort of your own home, you don't want to see that equipment becoming damaged by the weather. Make sure you're doing everything you can to protect the finish from sun and rain with these tips on choosing a cover for your new outdoor pizza oven.

Full Roof

The oven needs a sturdy stand to support it and a built-in enclosure to keep the fire chamber covered and away from rain and snow. However, many pizza oven owners go a lot farther to build a full-sized structure to cover the installation. These pergolas or freestanding roof structures provide extra protection and create space for storing other supplies needed for the pizza oven. With careful planning, you can even incorporate a dining area or countertops for putting the pizzas together before they go in the oven. Rather than trying to make just a freestanding pizza oven as the heart of your backyard, consider a complete outdoor kitchen design complete with plumbing, lighting, and more.

Flexible Cover

If a freestanding cover structure will trigger too many permits or approval processes from your local building authorities, consider sticking with a simple flexible cover instead. These waterproof fabric covers help keep rain and snow off the pizza oven enclosure all year round. They are easily slipped on over the oven whenever you won't be using it for a few weeks so you don't have to worry about wear and tear on the finish. These covers are especially important to use in the winter in areas where ice and snow may accumulate. Simply unzip the cover and slide it off when you're ready to light up the oven again.

Covering Wood as Well

Firewood needs to sit for at least one full season before it's dry enough to use in this kind of oven. If you cut your own wood or buy green wood to save money, make sure you have a covered area to store the firewood. Properly seasoned firewood makes it as easy as possible to light up the oven and reach the desired temperature range, not to mention reducing the smoke that could bother your neighbors.

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