Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Repairs A Residential Sprinkler System May Require

by Tanya Green

There are many problems that your home's sprinkler system could experience. As a result, there are a number of different repairs that may be required if you are to keep this system functioning and minimize the risk of sprinkler problems causing widespread property damage.

Damage From Digging Too Close To The Sprinkler Lines

A very common source of damage to sprinkler systems can be the result of digging too close to the buried lines. This can lead to a person accidentally striking these lines or otherwise causing them severe damage. Whether you are digging to place plants in the soil or to make other upgrades, you should be mindful to keep a safe distance from the sprinklers to avoid causing these damages. To help you remember where these supply lines are buried, you may want to place a series of stones or other discrete markers that can help you to remember where these lines are located even after many years have passed.

Damage From Water Freezing In The System

Water freezing in the sprinkler system is another source of damage that could compromise the performance of your sprinklers. If water is able to freeze inside the sprinkler system, it could cause the feeder lines to rupture. Once this type of rupture has formed, large amounts of water can pour into the soil when the system is activated again. Proper winterization can minimize this risk as it will involve pumping all of the water out of the lines. However, if you did not properly winterize your system and it freezes, a professional sprinkler repair service should be hired to inspect the system before it is activated again so that these potential damages can be found and repaired.

Erosion Near The Sprinkler Heads Due To Leaks

If the sprinkler heads develop a leak, it can contribute to large amounts of erosion occurring near the base of the sprinkler head. This type of erosion will create visual issues for the landscaping, but it can also allow water to pool near the sprinkler head. The pooling water could further worsen the erosion issues that are occurring, and it may even deprive the sprinkler of the support that it needs. Often, these issues are the result of a leak near the base of the sprinkler head. Regularly checking the sprinkler heads for signs of leaks can allow you to potentially find and repair this problem before it is able to cause landscaping damage. 

For more information, contact a local sprinkler repair service.


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