Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Need To Establish A Lawn Quickly? Use Sod Grass

by Tanya Green

If you need to establish a new lawn quickly, one way you can do this is to use sod grass. Below is information on what sod is and how it is installed onto your property. 


Sod is real grass that is grown and harvested away from your home and then is transplanted onto your lawn. What you end up with is beautiful, healthy grass. This is much faster than using grass seed. You also never know if the grass seed will grow well. The company that provides sod grows the sod in soil. Once the root system becomes large enough, they remove the sod along with a part of the soil that contains the root system. 

You can choose between cool and warm sod varieties. What you choose will be determined by where you live. Types of sod that grows best in warmer climates include Bermuda, zoysia, and St. Augustine. Sod types that grow best in cooler climates are ryegrass, fescue, and bluegrass. The contractor can show you the different types to help you make the right choice.  

Installing Sod

It can take time to install sod especially if you have a large yard. It is also important that it is installed evenly, or your grass will not look right. Because of this hire a professional company to install the sod for you. 

The contractor will come to your home to measure your yard so they know how much sod to purchase. To install the sod, the contractor first must remove the old yard. How they do this will depend on how large your yard is. They may use a shovel, or they may use a rototiller. To make this easier, they may first lay compost over the soil to kill the current grass. Because of this, it may take a few weeks for the sod installation process to begin. 

The sod comes in rolls the size of the length of your lawn. The contractor will use a straight edge to make sure the sod is straight as they lay it. They will use a knife to cut the sod if needed. Once the first row is finished, the contractor will repair any wrinkled or bumpy areas and make sure there are no air pockets. They use a shovel to pat down the sod and then move to the next row. When they are finished, the contractor will look for gaps and repair these if found. A roller is used over the entire lawn and the lawn is watered.

The contractor can give you information on how to take care of the sod after it is laid. 

For more information, contact a sod farm in your area.


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