Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Minimize Upkeep With Several Landscaping Projects

by Tanya Green

As a homeowner, you may find that you spend a decent amount of time cleaning and maintaining your home's interior. Afterward, you may want to spend time with your family and enjoy your hobbies. The problem is that you will also need to maintain your landscaping.  While all yards will require some upkeep, you can reduce the demands with a few landscaping projects.

Groundcover Plants

A strategic plan is to replace grass with groundcover plants. Picking native groundcover plants or ones that excel in your climate zone will reduce upkeep in the area. Some of these plants excel in wet and dry conditions while also growing slowly to minimize the need for trimming.

Sedum is an excellent example of a tough groundcover plant that will not give you trouble. This plant works well in zones ranging from 3 to 10, which covers most climates. Pay attention to the visuals, heights, and colors of groundcover plants to help you narrow down your options.

Irrigation System

An irrigation system is a great feature for everything growing on your landscape, especially the grass. Maintaining a lawn in the front yard and backyard requires consistent watering throughout the week, and watering manually is time-consuming. Also, you will find it challenging to accurately and evenly water the entire lawn to promote optimal growth.

The easiest solution is to install an irrigation system. You can get an irrigation system that covers the entire landscape to minimize how much watering you must do by hand. Professional landscapers can figure out which sprinkler types and locations are best for ideal watering.

Native Priority

Removing plants from your landscape is something you may not plan on doing. However, you may want to open up to the idea of removing non-native plants with hefty demands. These plants may require you to work extra hard because they are not well-suited for your climate.

Removing non-native plants and replacing them with native ones reduces upkeep. In some cases, you may not need to do anything to the native plants for them to thrive and beautify.

Mulch Beds

Similar to groundcover plants over grass patches, you can create areas of minimal upkeep with mulch beds. A great plan is to add mulch beds around your house and backyard fencing. Most mulches will protect against weed growth, which will help the plants grow and stay healthy.

Working on these projects is an effective way to reduce upkeep for your landscape. For more ideas, contact a local landscaping service.


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Exploring Landscape Setups

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