Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Tips For Mowing A Dry Lawn

by Tanya Green

If you want lush, healthy grass but currently have dry soil in your yard, you will need to water the lawn more often. However, you should also amend your mowing techniques and practices to better suit the dry soil. Here are some best practices to follow.

Leave the lawn a little longer.

People often cut their grass too short. Either they assume this means they will not have to mow the grass as often, or they assume that shorter grass means it is healthier. Neither of these assumptions is really true. Cutting the grass too short does more harm than good, especially in dry soil. Too-short grass allows the sun to dry the soil out much faster. Also, with shorter grass blades, the grass cannot harness as much sunlight to convert to energy, so it suffers even more. 

For lawns with dry soil, you are better off leaving the grass a little longer than you normally would. About two inches high is the minimum length you should aim for. Mow no more than 1/3 of the grass length each time. In other words, do not mow until the grass is 3 inches tall, and mow it back to a 2-inch length.

Leave some clippings behind.

In a moist environment, you would want to pick up all the lawn clippings to avoid having fungi and bacteria replicate within them. But this is not really a concern in dry soil. you are better off leaving some or even all of the lawn clippings on the lawn. They will help trap some more moisture in the soil, and over time, they will break down and add nutrition to the soil. This helps ensure your grass is not wanting for nutrition when it is already stressed by a lack of water.

Water after you mow.

Always plan on following up your mowing with a good watering session. The water will more easily penetrate the soil when the grass is shorter. Plus, after mowing, the grass is primed to take on the moisture and grow, which will help it come back stronger and lusher after each mowing session.

Grass sometimes struggles to grow in dry soil, but if you treat it right by implementing the mowing tips above, you can slowly work towards having a healthier, lusher lawn in spite of your dry soil. For more information regarding grass maintenance, contact a lawn mowing service


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