Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Recommendations For A Healthy Lawn Through Good Mowing Practices

by Tanya Green

Your lawn can be your home and property's crowning glory with a thick green carpet of velvety beauty. But to get your lawn at its best appearance, you want to follow some professional recommendations, whether you hire the work to a professional lawn care company or you handle it yourself on your time off from your other responsibilities. Here are some recommendations to look for when you take care of your lawn's health and follow a regular lawn mowing schedule.

Trim Your Lawn Appropriately

It happens to every homeowner: you have been too busy to mow your lawn over the weekend and it has grown a bit longer than usual. In this situation, you might be tempted to trim your lawn to its usual short height and call it good. However, doing so can damage your lawn and stress it out, which can put it at risk of dead spots and will make it unattractive. 

Instead, be sure you only trim off one-third of the blade's length across your entire lawn. So, if there are longer areas of lawn where it has gotten extra water and grown longer, move your mower blade height up a bit so that when you mow the lawn, you only cut off no more than one-third of the longest blades. Then, after several days, you can lower your blade again to trim your lawn further. Doing this will protect your lawn and prevent you from cutting off too much length all at once.

Look For the Right Lawn Height

Another important tip to keep your lawn healthy is to let your lawn grow a bit longer, and when you trim it, trim it to a longer length. Keeping your lawn longer in length will keep it healthier: the roots will be more shaded from the longer blades and the soil and roots will stay moist for longer. This will result in your not having to water your lawn as frequently.

Trimming your lawn at a short length will cause its roots to be exposed to the sun's harsh sunlight and heat. And your lawn will be more prone to die-offs and drying out.

Consider Your Mowing Pattern

Although the direction you push your lawnmower might not seem like an important factor, it can affect the condition and health of your lawn. If you always start your mower in one corner and pass over the lawn back and forth in the same manner, this can push the lawn plants to grow in one direction and make your lawn appear like it is lying down. Instead, mix up the pattern you use to mow your lawn: one weekend, mow in a circular pattern, then the next week, use the same circular pattern but in the opposite direction.


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Exploring Landscape Setups

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