Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Why Artificial Turf Can Be A Good Choice For Your Condo Balcony

by Tanya Green

If you enjoy spending time on the balcony of your condo unit, you're likely interested in thinking about ways to improve the look, feel, and function of this space. While putting an area rug down might be something that appeals to you, a better idea can be to cover the floor of the balcony in artificial turf. There are many kinds of turf on the market, so you can choose on with a thickness and appearance that works for you. Here are some reasons that artificial turf can be a good choice for your condo balcony:

It Gives You The Feeling Of A Yard

Condo living has numerous advantages, but one drawback is that you generally don't have a backyard. While you can spend time on the grounds around the condo building, it's nice to have your own private space. Putting artificial turf on your condo balcony can give you the feeling of turning this private area in your own yard. This can especially be true if you choose a lush type of turf that feels surprisingly like natural grass when you walk barefoot across it. Add a few potted plants to the balcony, and you'll have a backyard-like oasis — without ever having to mow the lawn.

It Helps To Keep The Space Cool

Condo balconies can often get hot, especially when your balcony is exposed to the full sun during the heat of the day. The sun can warm up the concrete to the point at which it's uncomfortable to stand on. If you're someone who enjoys going outside in your bare feet, this can obviously be an issue. When you put artificial turf down, you'll immediately notice that it's not nearly as hot underfoot. This can obviously help to make the space a lot more pleasant to spend time in.

It May Prevent Items From Rolling Off

If you've spent enough time on a condo balcony, there's a good chance that you've dropped something over the edge by accident. Perhaps you were doing a crossword puzzle, and your pen rolled off your table and fell over the edge. Or, maybe you opened a bottle of water, and the lid flipped out of your hands, bounced on the concrete, and rolled off the edge. Not only is losing things over the edge a hassle, but it can also potentially be a safety hazard for those below. The plush nature of artificial turf can often stop things from rolling off the edge of the balcony.


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