Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

3 Helpful Services Turf Management Companies Can Provide To Residential Properties With Turf Grass

by Tanya Green

More and more homeowners are switching to turf grass. This type of grass is luscious and features a vibrant green color that you probably have seen on golf courses. If you already have it installed on your property, you'll want help from a turf management company. They can provide the following services. 

1. Regular Watering

Many homeowners hear the word turf grass an automatically think it doesn't need water. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although it doesn't require as much water as traditional sod grass, it does need water to thrive.

Watering turf grass won't be a challenge when you hire a turf management company. They know exactly how much water your turf grass needs to thrive over the months. They'll develop a consistent water schedule that will keep your turf grass looking its best. That being said, they will make sure excessive water isn't used.

2. Weeding

Just like regular sod, turf grass can develop weeds over the months. They can hurt the curb appeal of your home, and dealing with them can be quite a labor-intensive task. You don't have to worry when you work with a turf management company.

They offer extensive weeding services to keep your turf lawn looking amazing. They'll apply the right herbicides to your turf grass, which will work down deep within the soil. Weed growth then won't be as prominent. Additionally, weeds that have already sprouted will be killed by the fast-acting herbicides that are applied to your lawn.

3. Mowing

When your turf grass reaches a certain height, your lawn can look a bit on the wild side. This ultimately hurts your home's curb appeal. Luckily, turf management companies offer mowing services. Like watering and weeding, they can set up a custom schedule depending on how much turf grass is on your property.

They'll use specialized mowers that will effectively cut your turf grass without causing it damage. These professionals also know what height will look best for the type of turf grass on your property. Thanks to these mowing services, you don't have to waste any time or expend a lot of energy.

Turf grass is quickly sweeping the nation as an amazing alternative to sod. If you have some on your property, it's important to maintain it over the years. With help from turf management services, you can ensure your turf grass is in good hands and looks the way it should.


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