Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Don't Get Tripped Up By The Problem Spots In Your Lawn! Lawn Services That Help

by Tanya Green

Lawns should be nice, flat spaces with no bumps, stumps, or lumps in them. If you are tripping over areas in your lawn every time you walk, run, or play in your own yard, you have some lawn issues that definitely need the attention of lawn services. If you do not want to address these issues on your own (and really you should not), here is how a lawn service technician will address these issues.

Removing Stumps

Tree stumps are funny things. If you do not grind them completely into sawdust after cutting down the tree, the stump tends to create a large bump in your yard. If you have a few of these, they will be very obvious to the lawn care technician. He or she will use a stump grinder to grind the spots down or attempt to remove what is left of a stubborn stump by excavating underneath it and pulling its remnants out of the ground.

Removing Tree and Shrub Roots

Tree and shrub roots often grow in mass quantities and expand outward all around. Most sink and grow down into the earth, but a few poke through the ground. Then you are left with roots to trip over as you cross the yard. For this problem, the technician will excavate a portion of the root that is closest to the surface of the soil. The technician will use branch loppers to cut a big piece of tree root out of the ground prior to filling the hole again and tamping down the soil.

Evening out the Soil

Finally, to address any non-tree/shrub lumps in the yard, the technician will order a half ton of fresh soil, spread it out evenly over the entire yard, and make sure there are no lumps anywhere. Then the technician will either reseed the yard or use sod to create a greener yard than you had before. After a few weeks, the technician returns to make sure the yard is even, growing nicely, and the sod has taken root.

Mowing and Fertilizing

There is a special way to mow new grass so that it doesn't die. The service technician can provide that service, as well as provide fertilizer to keep the grass growing and keep it green. If you have sod, there are a few extra steps needed to caring for it, but your lawn services technician can manage that too. 

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Exploring Landscape Setups

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