Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

After A Basement Flood, Here Are The Steps To Take

by Tanya Green

If you get home to a flooded basement, wake up to one, or simply watch as the water flows with nothing to do about it, the first thing you will probably do is panic. How exactly are you supposed to clean all that mess? Can you even afford it at this time? All the things soaking and floating in the water and worse than that, mold could start to grow. A basement flood spells a lot of work, but if you follow these six steps, you will make the work easier and save yourself some headaches.

Dewater the Lawn

If your entire lawn is flooded, it doesn't make sense to clean up the mess and have more water continue to spill back in. Dewatering services are helpful for draining flooded yards safely and effectively. 

Gauge The Water Depth

Before you get into it and start working, determine how dangerous it could be. Remember that electricity and water can be a deadly combination so make sure the electricity is shut off. Wear tall rubber boots and use a LED flashlight while you work. If the water is above two inches from the floor, you can call in professionals to pump out the water instead of trying to do so yourself.

Inspect the Damages

Once all the water has been removed, clear everything out and salvage what you can. Of course, you should expect to throw away most of it. The carpet should be removed, and you should check the baseboards, sheet rock and door frames for water damages. Inspect the sump pump as well.

Set up Drying Equipment

Once all the water is out, and it's safe to turn the power back on, run several fans to circulate your basement from floor to ceiling. Ensure they are at different levels so as to create cross-ventilation. You can rent industrial models to speed up the process. You can also use dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the air. It will possibly take days before it dries up completely. Be patient, because this process is very important in keeping out mold or mildew.

Clean and Disinfect

It is crucial to clean and disinfect all areas because mold grows pretty fast. Scrub surfaces with bleach and soap and treat any porous materials with fungicidal cleaners in order to prevent mold. Wet carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mold so dispose of it together with any heavily soiled materials. It would be helpful if you called in waterproofing professionals to help out.

Call for Help

Sometimes the flood is so bad you just can handle it on your own. If the water is too much, call a restoration company to assist you. If your basement flood lasts more than 24 hours, then it would be best to hire waterproofing professionals to restore it for you.

Get Your Basement Finished

Your basement flood probably signals the need for you to call a contractor to complete a basement finish. With the correct waterproofing and sealing, as well as sturdy wall and flooring materials, you can avoid a lot of these issues in the future. Home re insulation services are going to be necessary if you want to get the most out of your basement in the future; it will protect your home from the elements, both liquid and air.

These are the steps you should take in case of basement flooding. If you can handle it, then try as best as you can to make sure everything is in order on your own. If not, look for professionals, such as from Hydrograss Technologies , who will help you clean up.


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