Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Having The Bare Spots In Your Yard Hydroseeded

by Tanya Green

If you have multiple bare spots in your yard, you may have decided to hire a landscaping service that offers hydroseeding services to cover and fill in the areas with new grass. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes before and after the application to ensure a lush, green lawn.

Neglecting to Loosen the Soil Before Application

When the landscaper hydroseeds your yard, they will spray a slurry over the bare spots that contains not only grass seed but also water and fertilizer to help the grass grow. However, if the soil is compact and hard, the slurry will slough off of the surface and settle somewhere else, increasing the chance that the seed will not take root where you want it.

Before the application, make sure the soil on top of the bare spots of your lawn is loose. You can either loosen they soil by turning it over with a shovel or scraping the surface with a hoe.

If you find that the soil contains clay that makes it stay compacted, consider putting down a layer of topsoil. The fresh soil will already be loose and will not compact, giving the grass a suitable medium in which to take root and thrive.

Walking on the Seeds While They Are Wet

Once the landscaper has sprayed your lawn with seed slurry, avoid walking on top of the areas, especially while they're wet. When you walk on the slurry, your body weight can crush the seeds, killing them before they have a chance to grow.

Also, walking on the seeds could push them into the ground where the soil will compact around them. This compaction of soil makes it more difficult for the seeds to receive air and nutrients, which could either delay their growth or keep them from sprouting at all.

Forgetting to Water the Seeds Every Day

A major part of the hydroseeding slurry is water, which serves as a carrier for both the seeds and the nutrients. While it is normal for the slurry to dry out, you do not want to forget to water the areas at least once or twice a day until the new grass becomes established.

Not only do the seeds require ample amounts of water to germinate, but the water also triggers the release and absorption of nutrients in the slurry. If you let the areas dry out and stay that way, the seeds will not be properly fertilized, making it difficult for them to achieve the healthy growth required to crowd out any weeds that may try to invade from around the area.

If you have a small yard or only have a few areas that were hydroseeded, you can get by with watering them with your garden hose. When you water with the hose, hold the nozzle above the areas while spraying a fine mist. If you spray directly on the seeds with high pressure, you could wash some of them away, which could result in uneven growth.

To make the job of watering a large hydroseeded area easier and less time consuming, consider putting a sprinkler system in your yard that can be controlled from one or two spigots. Depending on your budget and needs, you could install sprinklers that you either buy from the store or make yourself

Avoiding the above mistakes before and after you have your lawn hydroseeded can help your grass grow healthy and green. If you have any further questions on preparing your yard and caring for your new grass, contact a company like Bark Blowers & Hydroseeding Inc to seek their guidance.


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