Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Feeling Guilty About Cutting Down A Tree? 3 Reasons Why It May Best The Best Move For Your Yard

by Tanya Green

Removing trees on your property may not be your first order of business after moving in, but it may become more apparent to you that a tree should be removed after settling in. While you may enjoy the way that trees look on your property since they help add shade and give your yard a lusher look, there are many reasons why a tree should be removed.

If you're feeling guilty about the concept of removing trees, consider the following reasons why a tree should be removed so that you can feel better about the decision:

In the Way of Landscaping Plans

You may have big dreams of landscaping your yard with new additions such as a garden bed or even more extravagant plans such as a swimming pool, but find that trees on your property are in the way. Depending on the size and age of your tree, the tree itself and the roots underneath can make it difficult to make additions to your yard.

Removing the trees can help improve the way that your yard looks and ensure that you're able to complete any landscaping projects without existing trees being in the way.

Too Many Trees Can Remove Natural Light

Another issue that could get in the way of enjoying your yard is trees cutting out natural light. While you may appreciate the shade that trees provide during the warmer months of the year, they can make it challenging to get enough warmth when it's cooler out and the sun is blocked out by the trees.

Too many trees in your yard can also mean that a lack of natural light is stopping other plants from growing freely. This can be a huge problem when you want your yard to be home to a variety of plants or even your own vegetable garden.  

Trees Could Be Overrun with Pests

Taking a close look at your trees can sometimes alert you to pests calling the trees home. While many types of insects are harmless for the trees, others can wreak havoc- such as with the carpenter ant. Hiring a tree service expert to examine your trees can diagnose if there are any issues and ensure that the trees are removed if needed.

As you become familiar with the variety of reasons why one might get a tree removed from their property, you will begin to understand if this is the right move for you. Contact a company like Arborcare Tree Service for more information and assistance. 


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