Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Inject A Little Whimsy In Your Garden With These Wispy Plants

by Tanya Green

From delicate passion flowers vines to flowing dwarf willow trees, there is something so enchanting about a garden that is designed with a whimsical appeal in mind. However, creating such a scene in your own backyard can feel a little overwhelming with so many different plants to pick from. Working with professional landscaper is the best way to ensure your ideals of a sweet garden whimsy get brought to life, but you can still be involved in picking out the implementations. Because a whimsical arden is one that exudes light hearted beauty, it is all about picking plants that are pretty, delicate in shape and color, and intricate. Here are a few you should not forget. 

Clematis - Thin climbing vines and beautiful star-shaped blooms in a range of pastel colors, clematis is an obvious addition to your whimsical landscape and is actually a member of the buttercup family. These plants come in many different forms and varieties, but almost all of them have the same telltale vining and climbing ability. Clematis work well against a fence that you would like to add a little colorful appeal to or if you have a trellis that needs a fast-growing cover. Either way, make sure the root system is in an area that gets ample shade to give the plant the best support for strong growth.

Creeping Phlox - This lovely plant grows in abundant tufts of green covered with light purple, light pink, or white flowers and makes an excellent background plant in your garden. If you have certain spots that you want the ground to be covered, creeping phlox will do a wonderful job of adding some softness and color. This is a perennial plant, so every year when it comes back, it will creep further and further along. It will even spill out of planters and enclosed landscape areas like retaining walls to hang gracefully over the sides. 

Mexican Feathergrass - Envelope your enchanted garden with a touch of softness that waves with the gentle breeze when you have Mexican feathergrass in place. These plants are a soft type of ornamental grass that is notable because of its super-long, super-thin grass shoots that are as lightweight as a feather. .The light sage green color pairs well with the pastel blooms of your garden and makes an excellent border material when planted in lines. However, this ornamental plant can also be situated as a focal point at the center of a rounded flower bed and encircled by other plants.  

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Exploring Landscape Setups

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