Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Creative Ways To Use Driftwood In Your Landscaping Project

by Tanya Green

If you love beautifying your yard and favor the use of natural elements, driftwood can be a perfect addition. Whether you buy some driftwood at your local yard supply store or visit the beach and pick up some eye-catching pieces with your family, there are several applications for this smooth, water-worn wood around your yard. Think about the ways that you wish to use driftwood around your yard, and then pick up the appropriate sizes and shapes of wood. Here are some creative ways to use this type of wood in your next landscaping project:

As A Garden Focal Point

Many homeowners use large pieces of driftwood as a focal point in their gardens. This plan works well when you have a piece of driftwood that came from the base of a tree that was washed into the water. You'll typically have a piece of the trunk with several roots below. When you're building a new flower or rock garden in your yard, you can plan out the garden to include the piece of driftwood in the center. For example, in a circular garden, you may wish to mound up the dirt, plant small flowers around the perimeter, and then place the large piece of driftwood in the middle of the garden.

As A Path Lining

If your yard includes several gardens with a carefully manicured path through them, it can be visually pleasing to use something to differentiate between the garden and the path. Manmade items can look awkward, so it's ideal to use something natural — and this is where driftwood can come in. If you're able to get some long pieces of driftwood, you can carefully position them along the edges of the path to provide a visually appealing perimeter. If the path is made up of smooth stones, for example, the combination of the stones with the driftwood can give the area a beach-like effect.

As Garden Planters

Depending on the type of driftwood you're able to get, you may be able to convert some pieces into actual garden planters. If you can get driftwood logs, it can be possible to hollow out the interior of the logs but leaves the sides intact. You can then add some dirt to the interior of the log and plant some flowers or herbs. Doing so will give you a natural planter that can greatly augment the look of your yard.

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