Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Benefits Of Having Your Lake House Professionally Landscaped

by Tanya Green

If you've recently purchased a lake house, you won't want to waste any time not enjoying your property and experiencing life by the water. If you lead a busy lifestyle or you just need some help with transforming your yard, consider hiring a professional landscaper. A landscaping pro will be able to direct you in what your design needs are and make your lake house a welcoming sight for guests and your entire family.

Creating Depth In Your Yard With A Retaining Wall

Many lakefront properties are built on a slight slope or hill—especially if they're directly overlooking the lake. This can make landscaping challenging. Not only can it be difficult to place plants and shrubs accordingly, they may also not retain water properly, due to sudden slope. One solution is to build a retaining wall. A retaining wall helps create a flat platform within the earth in which you can plant. Retaining walls can be built using:

  • Many types of stone including field stone and limestone
  • Brick in an abundance of styles and shapes
  • Concrete
  • Certain types of timber material
  • Synthetic materials made to replicate stone, brick and other designs

Your landscaper will come up with a blueprint design covering the required areas. From there, he will excavate the area accordingly, reinforce the walls with stakes and gravel and begin the construction process. A built-in sprinkler system can also be installed at this time. The result is a new landscape area for you to highlight your favorite flower beds.

Enhances Your Yard With Built-In Features

Having your lake house landscaped may include some built-in features to help enhance curb appeal. Some ideas to discuss with your landscaping contractor include:

  • A waterfall and small pond in or around your back porch or patio
  • Newly installed deck or paver brick patio
  • New landscaping beds around your pool, hot tub or gazebo
  • Enhanced pathway or stamped concrete driveway area

Your landscaper can also check your existing irrigation system and make additions to the line to accommodate any new garden beds or plants.

Installing Or Repairing A Built-In Sprinkler System Helps Keep Plants Thriving

Every summer brings about hot temperatures and in some cases, drought. This can wreak havoc on your lawn and your plants. While it's always important to conserve water and energy, you still need to care for your plants and grass. Installing a built-in sprinkler system that is eco-friendly is a money saving solution. With an energy saving system, water comes on at specific times, and doesn't get overused. If you already have a sprinkler system, ask your landscaper about repairing any broken lines. 

Flowers And Shrubs Are Hand Picked For You

Another added benefit of hiring a landscaper is that they will go over your landscaping needs. They may ask you a few questions, such as:

  • How much time do you have to spend working in your yard daily?
  • Do you always remember to water your container gardens?
  • What are your favorite outdoor color schemes?
  • Are you looking for plants that return annually?

From there, your landscaping team will be able to set up a planting guide that will direct them in finding the right plants and greenery that is best for you.

Landscaping can transform a boring lake house yard by giving it the ultimate "Wow" factor. Contact a landscaping professional likeA Ronnow Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. to get started or for pricing quotes.


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