Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Give Your Landscaping The Wow Factor

by Tanya Green

Beautiful landscaping is a boon to your entire home because it adds curb appeal. However, landscape design goes well beyond maintaining a lush lawn. Rather you want to add character and style to your house. In short, you want to create a wow factor. Pump up the beauty of your curb appeal with stunning landscaping.

Create a Foundation Garden

One method for adding visual interest to your yard is with planting beds. In this case, you want to create a foundation garden. You use such a garden to disguise the foundation of the house, a deck or even a hot tub or other backyard structure. Section off a planting bed with a border. Select tall plants for the back of the bed – these are the ones that hide the foundation. Fill in the front of the foundation garden with pretty flowers and groundcover. You can also raise the bed to disguise a bigger structure such as an above-ground hot tub or tool shed.

Line a Pathway

Another attractive area for planting beds is along a pathway. This type of planting works for a straight path leading to the entryway or a casual path winding through the backyard, and everything in between. If you're bordering an entryway path, consider planting tall shrubs at the front for subtle shielding. You can also utilize formal box shrubs to create a grand entryway. For a more casual path, consider letting the plants spill onto the walkway just enough to blur the borders but not impede walking. You can also plant hardy groundcover plants in between pavers for a naturalistic look.

Include Garden Focal Points

If you have a big enough yard, you can create further wow factor with garden focal points. These are structures or plantings that draw the eye. For instance, you could create a vista with an ornamental tree, a bench and some pretty flowers around the two. Another vista can come in the form of an arbor with trailing plants climbing over the top. A fountain or bird bath surrounded by flowers is another option. The key is to choose the location wisely. You want it to be visible from the house without impeding your natural backyard activities.

Light up the Landscape

Why create a stunning landscape and then let it disappear at night? Instead, install subtle landscape lighting. Safety is a concern, so pathways need to be illuminated. However, Home and Garden TV also suggests you highlight certain features. For example, you could uplight your planting beds and garden focal point so you, guests and passersby can enjoy them at night.

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Exploring Landscape Setups

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