Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Purchased A Yard With No Landscaping? 3 Tips To Help You Make It Look Beautiful

by Tanya Green

If you have purchased a new home and it has no landscaping this can make your yard look boring and take away from the aesthetics of your home. Below are some tips on how you can make your yard look beautiful and you may able to do these things on your own.

Plant Flowers

One of the best things you can do is to plant some flowers in your yard. Flowers instantly brightens everything up and they are not expensive. Plant some annuals in front of your home for something that is easy to do. There are many annuals that grow well with little work from you, such as petunias, vincas, marigolds, and begonias.

You can also build your own flower bed if you want to have a lot of flowers. If you choose to do this, mixing up some perennials with annuals works well. Perennial flowers generally cost more but because they come back year after year you save money. Some perennials that are easy to care for are black eyed Susan, coneflower, salvia, sedium, and peony.

Visit a garden center and they can help you choose flowers that grow well in your area.

Add Edging

Flower beds look nice when they have an edging around them. Edging is also beneficial because it keeps weeds away from your garden. There are many different types of edging you can choose from. There is inexpensive metal edging that you can purchase at a home improvement store.  You could build a trench around the flower bed and fill the trench in with concrete.

Wood edging also look nice as an edging for a flower bed. You can purchase pieces of landscaping wood in precut sections. They can be either flat boards or round logs. Wood often used for this purpose is redwood, cypress, and cedar.

Make a Walkway

If your flower bed is away from your home you should install a walkway. This will allow you and anyone who visits your home a way to walk to the flower bed without having to walk on the ground. You can purchase molds and make your own stepping stones. Molds can be found in a variety of shapes so you can create a unique walkway.

A stone path would work well for this purpose, which is easy and you may be able to install it on your own to save money. Put a bench near the flower garden at the end of the path. This looks nice but is also a place people can sit and enjoy the flower bed.                                                             

Contact a landscape contractor in your area if you need help with any of this. They can also give you many more tips. For more information, contact companies like Powers Landscape & Irrigation.


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