Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

How To Move A Tree Without Hurting It

by Tanya Green

Trees can be a wonderful addition to a yard, but sometimes circumstances arise where you can no longer keep them where they stand. If you have a tall or large tree that you need to move, you'll be glad to know that it is a possibility. However, it's important to follow a certain series of steps in order to move your tree while reducing the risk of harm to it. Read on to learn what these steps and how to follow them.

Dig During Dormancy

During the cold months, trees undergo a phase referred to as dormancy. Dormancy is a lot like when animals go into hibernation for the cold months. The tree switches into a mode of self-preservation, reserving its energy and refraining from blooming or growing new sprouts or branches. This period of time is the best time to dig up a tree, but the time period where your tree enters dormancy depends upon its species.

Find the Roots

One of the steps you'll need to follow is making sure to locate all of the tree's roots and to determine their length. Traditionally, this was a difficult task, which would require digging up the area under the tree and then following the roots. The problem with this method is that it can damage the roots of the tree if you accidentally strike them with your shovel or spade.

Thankfully, radar can easily detect tree roots, even if they're deep underground. Hiring a professional to find the roots of your tree can help you to determine how much ground you will need to dig up to remove the tree safely.

Use a Tree Spade

Once you know where the roots of the tree end, you can hire a professional tree mover. Tree movers use equipment called tree spades that's especially made to dig the entire tree, roots and all, and the surrounding earth that it's embedded in. This process means that the tree will be cleanly removed from your yard and can be seamlessly planted into another location without harming the roots of the tree. In addition, the dug-up soil will help to keep the tree's roots insulated, reducing the risk of shock and increasing the likelihood that your tree will survive and be healthy once it's transplanted.

Moving a large tree is no easy task, but it can be done with the right tools and technology. If you need to remove a tree from your yard, make sure to contact a professional to get the job done. Click here for info on this topic.


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