Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Attractive Xeriscaping For A Mission-Style Home

by Tanya Green

Xeriscaping consists of landscaping carefully planned to be sustainable while looking great. This style isn't just about minimal landscaping – in fact, landscaping and hardscaping are often necessary to prevent soil erosion. Rather, xeriscaping is about creating a yard that thrives in its natural environment. Mission-style homes often feature Southwest landscaping, which blends beautifully with xeriscaping. Plan a xeric Southwest garden to complement your mission-style home.

Cacti and Succulents

When you think of a Southwest garden, you probably imagine cacti and succulents. These can be the architectural showpieces of your xeric garden. A saguaro makes a stunning centerpiece. You can add succulents such as agave, soaptree, yucca, and desert spoon in attractive groupings. In fact, consider constructing a cactus garden. Start with the saguaro, and plant soaptree, yucca, and desert spoon nearby. Add agave or other small succulents as groundcover.

Native Plants

Cacti and succulents don't have to be your only plant palette. In fact, any plants that are native to your area work within a xeriscaping structure. Talk to your local nursery or landscaping experts about the plants that thrive in your area. From there, choose perennial flowers, and plant them close together. This serves two purposes: giving your landscape a visual punch and keeping their roots cool so they don't need as much water. You can also combine this planting bed with ornamental grasses and hardy plants such as sedum. This gives your garden visual interest through the seasons while serving a s a tie-in to your cactus garden.

Drip Irrigation

A xeric landscape will require some irrigation. The key is to make it the most efficient, and thus the most sustainable, model. The Landscaping Network recommends drip irrigation on an automated timer for xeriscaping. You can choose between the two most common types, point-source and grid irrigation systems.

Point-source drip irrigation consists of placing water emitters at the root base of individual plants. This is ideal if your plantings are far apart, so it wouldn't work for your cactus or native plant gardens. However, if you have just a few plants in a lot of hardscaping, this method works well.

A grid irrigation system consists of tubing with in-line emitters at regular intervals. The grid pattern ensures all of your garden is watered. This works well for your planting beds. 

To learn more about drip irrigation, contact a company like H2O Lawn Sprinklers.


Your Southwest garden needs a space for outdoor living. Consider a patio with either red clay or flagstone pavers as the base. For that Southwest vibe, add décor elements such as a beehive fireplace, painted pottery, and Native American textiles. You can also create a container garden with succulents or native plants to create cohesion between the hardscaping and landscaping.

Blend succulents, cacti, and native plants with hardscaping to create an attractive garden that complements your mission-style house.


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