Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

Landscapes For Landlords -- 3 Basic Elements To Create The Right Environment For Your Building

by Tanya Green

Following the design of the actual building, the next biggest design choice you'll need to make when building an apartment complex is the landscaping around it. Good landscape design will help attract quality renters, keep your buildings safer, and reduce maintenance. Poor design may cause problems in all three areas, instead.

So how can you know what is a good design? Here are the 3 basic elements.

Low Maintenance. You could end up spending a lot of money on grounds maintenance unless you plan in advance. Using landscape stone -- such as flagstone, pavers, or brick, for example -- is an inexpensive and beautiful way to create soft paths in well-traveled routes between buildings and parking areas. You can also use durable, natural stone materials (such as granite) or concrete to create outdoor play areas and fire pits to encourage tenants to gather where you want them to gather. When planning lawns, avoid tight spaces and sharp corners so that large lawnmowers spend less time and money caring for grass.

Safety. How can landscaping help with tenant and building safety? It starts with a good lighting design. Pathways, entrances, and parking areas should be well lit during the evening and nighttime hours. But, you don't have to flood the area with giant fluorescent lights to make it work. You can opt for low volt solar lighting around pathways, fun and attractive lamps, and even sturdy pendant lighting near entrances. In addition to good lighting, ensure that shrubs and trees don't block views unnecessarily -- such as near parking areas and approaching rental units. Taller trees that have a lighter footprint near the ground and a bigger canopy can be a good compromise between sound dampening or windbreaks and discouraging loiterers.

Beauty. Creating a tough and low-maintenance landscape doesn't mean sacrificing visual appeal. Rather than boring, single-color concrete, consider using any of the wide varieties of colorful and textured stamped concrete. Use hardy ground covers and mosses to liven up and soften well-trodden pathways. In addition, aggregate stones (think crushed stones and pea gravel) are inexpensive but still provide a rustic beauty to areas where you want to avoid planting due to difficult access. And flowering shrubs help keep borders pretty while reducing the need to plant individual flowers that may get trampled.

By considering these 3 elements when planning your apartment building yard design, you can create a space that will look great and keep your costs to a minimum. For more information and ideas, contact landscaping design professionals, like those at Charles Bopst Trucking.


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Exploring Landscape Setups

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