Exploring Landscape Setups

Exploring Landscape Setups

5 Plants That Thrive In The Shade

by Tanya Green

There are a myriad of reasons that you may want to garden with plants that thrive in the shade. Maybe you live in a wooded area or a generally overcast area of the world. Perhaps you simply like the look of plants that thrive in the shade. Whatever the reason may be, this brief article will serve to inform you of 5 plants that thrive in the shade. Their beauty and ease of care will have even the most jaded of green thumbs enthralled.

Astilbe Hybrids

Astilbe hybrids are famous for their feather like plumage and wispy leaves that are known for looking quite beautiful when they blow in the wind. When planted in moist, rich soil, they tend to truly thrive. They are popular among people who have garden side pools and are absolutely eye catching when planted alongside garden paths and trails. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, salmon, violet and red.

Amethyst Flower

The amethyst flower is an absolute must if you are a fan of the color purple. It is known for its star shape and its deep purple. Amethyst flowers can also produce blue flowers, though these blooms are less common. They tend to thrive in areas with filtered sunlight or warm shade, which makes them perfect flowers to hang, and also makes them a perfect choice to hang in your greenhouse. They are generally considered one of the most beautiful perennials, and are flowers that any person who loves to explore the great outdoors during the summer time will recognize.


If it is a dazzling impression you want to make on people entering your garden for the first time, you can do no better than planting begonias. Begonias come in brilliant, vibrant colors; but, unlike the amethyst, you won't find them in blue. Again, these are the type of flowers that truly flourish in rich soil, so keep it damp, but not soggy. When begonia plants hang, they flower profusely, but those begonias that are planted upright tend to bear bigger flowers. 

Copper Plant

Although not a flowering plant like many of the others on this list, the copper plant is in possession of some of the most beautifully hued leaves. It has gorgeous orange, red and copper leaves that add a pop of color to any place it is planted. As an evergreen plant, its exuberance will shine all year long. Many people hang copper plants from their porches, which adds to a mien that will make your home look like it is perpetually stuck in autumn. If austere colors that evoke sentiments of nostalgia and longing are for you, then you should definitely invest in a copper plant.

Creeping Jenny

The first thing that people tend to think about a Creeping Jenny is that it has a creepy name. However, one look at this plant, and it has people changing their tune immediately. Beautiful chartreuse "bulb" leaves are the name of this plant's game. One trick to maximizing the beauty of this plant is to place it in a large olive colored gardening pot, allowing its leaves to spill outward, creating an illusion of exploding color. Again, these plants flourish in loose, moist soil.

As you can clearly see, there are some absolute beauties that demand shade, or at the very least, can flourish in areas with little light. Even though all the plants that are listed above do not demand large amounts of sunlight, most of these plants require loose, moist soil and are all relatively low maintenance. Keep that in mind when you are working with your landscaper to pick out the perfect plants to plant in your shady yard.


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